Use These Tips to Sell More during Halloween

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Halloween is rapidly approaching, and you have already started to set the Wheels in Motion.  You understand the importance of starting to sell early.  Many people like to have their supplies ready so that they do not participate in the last-minute rush.  You have also taken care of the branding on your homepage and physical store.   Your customers are already responding to the promotions you are running, and you can feel a lot of excitement building up.  The contests are especially doing well, and you have some fantastic user-generated contents you will use for your social media platforms.

However, do not rest just yet; you still need additional tips so that your competitors do not catch up with you.  Read on for other things you can do to sell more during Halloween.

· Think About Shipping

It would amaze you how many customers will abandon their cards because of shipping.  That is why some online platforms like Amazon will offer free shipping under the prime membership. It is a fantastic way to attract customers and gives you an edge over the competitors.  Do your homework well; it may surprise you that shipping may not be very costly.

You may, for example, factor in part of the cost to the product price. You, however, need to be careful that it does not push up the price of what you are selling.  Customers know that this happens, but the convenience of not having to worry about an additional cost for shipping is a better trade-off. You can also minimize the shipping cost by setting certain conditions which are applicable to free shipping.

· Use Your Social Media Platforms

The social media platform has given business people a fantastic place to sell. You have the opportunity to engage with the customers, and engage them with what you have to sell.  It also allows for greater flexibility about the kind of communication.   Make sure the content you send out is relevant to Halloween, use images and hashtags to create the interest.  Social media is also the perfect place to run contests.  You get a broad audience base, and it is cost-effective.

· Give Out Free Gifts

The one thing you must remember about promotions is that everyone is doing it.  You, therefore, need a way to motivate people to come to your store.  You may not be able to compete on the discounts; the one who has the largest ones will definitely do better.  You can, however, set aside part of your marketing budget for freebies.  You would be hard-pressed to come across anyone who does not like free things.

Give out freebies that have value, as opposed to those cheap, mass-produced things that some companies go for.  Tie the freebie to purchase so that you make a sale; as philanthropic as we would all want to be, we are in the business to make money.  This kind of communication is definitely something you’ll want to put on your landing or homepage

Gift cards are also a good idea; you get to send them to your loyal customers.  What it shows them is that you are thinking about them during Halloween.  In return, you get to enjoy top of mind awareness, and they are more likely to shop from your store.  Send out the gift cards well in advance; especially if they will need to redeem them at your store. Do a follow-up which would remind the customers to use their gift cards; it could be in the form of an automated email.

· Email Marketing

Our list would be incomplete without talking about the importance of Email Marketing.   It continues to be one of the most effective channels for customer acquisition, especially in e-commerce.  Established businesses will send out newsletters, flyers, or other promotional material to the customers about upcoming promotions.  It may surprise you that during the holiday season, people are more receptive to getting promotional emails.  Couple this with freebies, discounts, free shipping, among others, and you are sure to get quite a bit of conversion.

Do not make the mistake many people make, which is to flood your customer’s inboxes with email.  Some people will automatically send your emails to junk or spam, thereby reducing the reach of your messages.  Also, maintain the schedule that you have been keeping to because your customers know when you will be sending new communication.  The customers are more likely to open an email they were expecting, as opposed to a random one.


Our ideas on how to sell more during Halloween will help you make the sales you need during the period.   By implementing the right strategies, you are sure to make a killing during Halloween. We also encourage you to check out what your competitors are doing. You never know, you could just get an idea that you can improve upon to make serious sales during Halloween.




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