Tips to Sell More during Halloween

Online Store - Selling Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is fast approaching, and you have fantastic products in stock. You are, however running short of ideas on how to move what you have. You are starting to worry that you will not sell much. A cursory look at the competitors shows that they are already beginning campaigns around Halloween. Sounds familiar? If yes, you need to read on for tips on how to sell more during Halloween below.

· Do Not Wait Until the Halloween Week

Industry experts estimate that as many as 40% of shoppers prefer to do their shopping early. It does not matter which holiday we are talking about; not everyone enjoys the last-minute rush. You will do very well if you start sending out information on deals at least 2 to 3 weeks before the Halloween week. Do you inventory early and stock up on the relevant products.

You should also have your marketing collateral ready way in advance. If you have any branding or decor that you will do in your store, start working on it as early as possible.  Now is the opportune time to start posting any teasers, for promotional campaigns on your online store.  You could also put up posters in public places such as malls.

If you have an event, send out emails for your customers to ‘save the date.’ Doing this will ensure that you are always at the top of the customer’s mind any time they are shopping for products or something to do during Halloween.

· Mobile Optimization Is Vital

The modern shopper depends a lot on their mobile phones for anything to do with the online space.  Whether it is research, entertainment or for shopping, many people prefer to have the convenience of being able to do it on the go.   Industry estimates show that up to 50% of shoppers will use their smart devices when searching for brands or products. Setting up your shop on the online platform is the first; the second is to optimize for mobile.

You will find some apps online that you can use to help with mobile optimization.  Ensure is that the experience the online shopper has on your website is the same as when they try to access your store using their mobile phones.  You will, in some instances, find that some sites are not mobile-friendly. You need to remember that anyone who is shopping on the online space has so much choice, and they will not stick around as a sort yourself out.  Some of the things you can do to make the experience better for your customers include:-

  • Having an easy to install the app that does not interfere with the regular running of their phone
  •  Using the available themes and plugins to make the process easier
  •  Ensuring that the checkout process is efficient;  one of the reasons for abandoned carts is a complicated checkout process

· The Branding and Theme Matters

It does not matter whether you have a physical store or an online one.  Even as a seller, you need to get into the mood of the season or event.  What it does is generate that excitement within your customers.  You must think about your branding; it should incorporate an element of Halloween.  If you, for example, operate on the online platform, you will need to change your landing pages. Do not go crazy on changing the themes, because you still need to maintain brand identity.  You also do not want to go into too much expense for a holiday that will pass.

We have already talked about decorating your shop appropriately. You will find some exciting images you can use on your home page for that spooky Halloween feel.

· Promotions

Promotions are a fantastic way to generate interest, which will ultimately turn into conversions.  You must always remember that everyone is looking for a deal.  The person who offers the best will become the go-to person for Halloween products.  There are specific promotions you can run, including discounts on bulk sales, cash backs, limited coupons, upselling, cross-selling, among others.

Utilize your homepage to run the promotions. Make sure you make it look like the shoppers have to grab the discounts in the shortest time possible; otherwise they will lose out.   A proper sense of urgency is a fantastic way to sell.

You can also invite your customers to take part in contests for a chance to win prizes. You will generate interest, and get fantastic user-generated content that you can use in your marketing.


We have shared fantastic ideas that will help you sell more during Halloween.  Remember, you need to do proper market research so that even as you implement our plans, you have a good understanding of what you are doing.

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