Tips on How to Make Money during Halloween

Halloween Marketing Strategies

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There are very many business opportunities that present during Halloween.  Such include selling of costumes, makeup services, event hosting, and party planning, among others.   You will find some excellent ideas in our article below; the best part is that in some cases, you do not need to part with a cent.  What you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to work.

· Become a Pumpkin Carver

Carved pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, and not everyone has the skill to do it well.  You, therefore, have an opportunity to offer your services to such people.  Buy a few pumpkins and come up with some creative concepts.  Take high-resolution pictures and post them on all your social media platforms. You can also use the spaces in malls to put up flyers advertising your services.  Depending on the time you require to carve a pumpkin, you can offer door-to-door services, or sell the finished product.  You can also open up a small stand to sell what is ready.

· Sell Interesting Recipes

If you have a knack for food and drinks, you can come up with some Halloween themed recipes that you can sell.  The advantage you have is you do not need a publisher; all you need to do is use the internet.  EBooks do very well because you do not have to worry about shipping the final product to the customer.  Get your family and friends to help with the marketing of  your book.  You can also try platforms such as craigslist or eBay to get more customers.

· Try Your Blogging Skills

Blogs provide a fantastic platform for sharing exciting stories around Halloween.  Monetize your page so that you get some passive income out of what you are doing.  Companies are willing to advertise Halloween offerings if you have sufficient traffic to your blog.  The blog page will also generate interest in what you may be selling on your website.  As long as you have creative, fun, interesting Halloween ideas, you will get the right people to take notice.

Affiliate marketing is becoming very popular because you get a commission when you make a referral.

· Haunted Houses and Halloween Tours

The interesting thing about Halloween is that people seem to want to spend money to have some fun.  Haunted houses are a sure moneymaker, while haunted tours do just as well.  Creating the haunted House take time and some money.  You will have to do some renovations and add the necessary decorations to achieve the haunted look.   You cannot run out of scary ideas to make the Haunted House really spooky.  Since it is quite an investment, you need to do it well so that you can get some Returns out of it.

· Halloween Treats

Everyone is looking for Halloween treats, especially for the tricks and treat sessions.  You can find some fantastic easy to make recipes online.  Yes, you will sweat a little, because of the time you will spend in the kitchen, but the returns will definitely be worth it.  Here is an idea; many parents are concerned about the level of sugar in the candy.  How about coming up with a healthy but still tasty alternative.

Children can be harsh critics end whatever you come up with has to appeal to the little children. You will need to be creative in whatever you come up with; otherwise, you will have a whole batch of goodies that no one wants.

· Offer Kid Walking Services

Children have a lot of energy during Halloween, and many parents would just like a minute to breathe.   You will find the kids pulling along reluctant parents as they try to fill up their Halloween baskets.  Chaperoning is a fantastic business opportunity because you can offer to watch the children during their trick-or-treat sessions.  Parents will rest easy knowing that an adult is going around with them.  You will find it easier to get work within your local neighborhood, because of the relationships you have with your neighbors.

Offer babysitting or pet sitting services

Some parents may have young children who they will not want to go out with. Others may have pets they prefer not to leave in the home alone.  You can offer babysitting services.  They are platforms you can use to advertise your services. If it is work, you have done before you can always request some of your clients to give you referrals. They will be happy to provide it if they will not be using your services during that particular time.


There are a lot of business opportunities during Halloween.  You do not even need to compete on the more popular jobs, because there are many other jobs people will overlook.  Such include chaperoning kids, babysitting, selling drinks to revelers, coming up with tasty treats, among others.  However, in as much as you want to make money, you must put some time aside for a little fun with your family and friends.  Happy Halloween!

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