Marketing Strategies to Drive up Your Sales during Halloween

Tips to Sell More during Halloween

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Many people look forward to Halloween because it is fun. You get to dress up in fancy, creative costumes, and get to indulge in your favorite meals and treats.  It is, therefore, no wonder that many companies will aggressively market their products during this time.   As a small company or brand, you may not have a massive budget for advertising. But, there are certain things you can do, which will help you create awareness.  Let us look at some of them in our article below

1. Send Targeted Communication

You probably already have a mailing list for your customers. If you do not, this is the time to develop one; there are many online resources you can use to help with this function. You can now send out targeted communication like catalogs, special offers, among others. Create a sense of urgency by, for example, sending out a notification on limited discount coupons.  Make sure that once you send out any communication and promotion, you can handle the orders that come in.

Be careful that you do not flood the inbox of your customers with information.  Try to make whatever you send out palatable.  You should give valuable tips while using easy to digest content.  Think about the use of imagery to generate more interest.  The advantage of using pictures is that you bring in the element of Halloween very easily.

2. Start Your Marketing Early

Do not wait until Halloween is just around the corner to start your marketing activities.  You will have to compete with so many other companies and brands. All of them hoping to reach that target consumer.  Customers get a lot of information, and they will only pay attention to companies or brands that they know.

By starting your communication early, you have the opportunity to build awareness of your company.  It is interesting to note that many parents would rather not wait for the last-minute Rush.  If you start as early as the beginning of October, you are likely to make good sales.  Over 40% of the shoppers would prefer to stock the items and wait for Halloween to come around.

3. Modify the Copy for Your Google Ads

A company that takes holidays seriously is Google;   you have probably realized that they change their themes a lot depending on the season.  You should pick a line from the best and modify your copy for any of your Google ads.  Many companies will rush to buy Halloween related keywords so that they pop up on the search engines.

A small business may have a challenge competing with such companies who have huge marketing budgets. You can, however, get pretty creative with the standard keywords.  Follow the steps below to modify your Google ads during Halloween.

  • Do proper research of the keywords,  make sure they relate to your industry and have a Halloween theme to them
  •  Incorporate elements of Halloween into your existing copy.  You should not go overboard because you need to maintain your brand messaging
  •  Halloween is the time for special offers. You need to create awareness of what you are offering using Google ads.  Put a time limit so that you create that sense of urgency.  You could, for example, say you have until midnight tomorrow to save up to 20% on all your purchases.

4. Do Not Forget Your Mobile Apps

Many companies are reaping the benefits of optimizing their businesses for mobile.  If you have already taken this step, you should add Halloween themes to the app. You could, for example, add Halloween elements to the icon, so that it stands out.  Anytime someone uses the app; they will get an alert that you have something to offer.

Your mobile app is a fantastic place to run promotions, and to share Halloween themed content.  Think about running offers that are exclusive to those using the app.

5. Pay Attention to Analytics

Paying attention to the analytics will give you invaluable insights.  You get to see the frequency with which people receive notifications.  You also get to know what they do once they receive them.  Push notifications and geo-targeting are powerful tools for marketing.  Geo-targeting will help you reach areas where you do not have too many customers.  You can use the same to know if your competitor has an active presence in a particular area.

6. Partnerships

Getting into partnerships with other businesses is a great way to drive up your sales during Halloween.  If you are, for example, selling cost, you can look for a partnership with a salon.  You will provide the costumes, and they will do the hairdressing and make-up services.  In this way, you send potential customers to each other. You also get an opportunity to give discounts or other rewards for those who provide references. You should do the same for those who come to you on a referral basis.


Use our tips above to market your products during the Halloween period.


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