How to Make Money during Halloween

Sell More during Halloween

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Halloween is a wonderful time to make money; you can maximize on the people who are looking for events and costumes. It is also the perfect time to start your e-commerce business because with the right marketing strategies; you are sure to make a killing.

We will share with you fun, creative ways to make some money during Halloween.

· Sell Costumes

Halloween is the time when people want fun, creative costumes to express their individuality.   However, the reality is that sometimes coming up with a good idea can be very challenging.  You should become the go-to person for costume ideas.  You can sell them online or offline, but you need to market yourself well.

Fortunately, with the social media platforms, you get effective channels that allow you to reach a broad audience base.  Be very creative in what you offer so that people flock to you.  Try and avoid the usual costumes that you will find flooding the market.  It is all about creativity and coming up with the best outfits.  Here are some considerations if you decide to go into this line of business.

  • Buying stock for your shop during the Halloween period is going to be very expensive.  You must, therefore, plan way ahead. What you need to do is stock up for the next Halloween, when the present one is over.  Many stores will be anxious to get rid of what they have so that they can make space for other items.  You can get serious discounts at this time.  Ensure that you have a storage place, as you wait for the next Halloween to come around.
  •  If you are stocking up for the next year, be creative in the kind of costumes you buy.  Try and avoid stocking up on anything that is currently in trend, because it will have probably changed the next year.
  •  Stock up on complete kits, so that your customers have an easy time.  You will need to assemble a package that contains the outfit, the makeup, and any other accessories.
  •  Use multiple channels to reach as many customers as possible.  If for example, you are on the Shopify platform, you can integrate sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Facebook, thereby giving you more outlets for your products.
  •  If you have a knack for creativity and are good with your hands, save on the cost by coming up with your costumes.  Sell them as unique handcrafted pieces; you will generate a lot of interest because everyone wants to stand out.
  • Not everyone can afford to buy new costumes, you may, therefore, find a fantastic business opportunity in used costumes.  Just make sure that they are in good condition; meaning you have to take the time to wash, iron, and fix whatever needs fixing. The other option is to offer your services to recreate or alter old costumes.  In this way, you get to save the customer quite a bit of money while giving yourself an income source.

· Do Halloween Makeup

If you have a talent when it comes to makeup application, this is the time to turn your expertise into money.  The perfect Halloween costume requires the right outfit and the perfect makeup.  You can also offer to paint houses or windows for that festive air.

· Host Events

People want to have fun during Halloween, and hosting an event is a fantastic idea to make some money.   Start advertising the event way in advance so that people mark it down as a must-attend event.  Selling the tickets fast may require that you give incentives for those who will attend.  Other than a fantastic fun-filled event, and special performances by famous artists, you should also have contests so the people can win some prizes.  Also, give out discounts for those who buy the tickets well in advance.

· Become a Party Planner

Hosting an event requires money and time,   which you may not have. So if you have the talent, you can become a Party Planner instead. Many people will have events, and what they need is a reliable event planner.  You must show how your ideas incorporate elements of Halloween while assuring the clients that they can depend on you for a fun-filled event.


You can make some good money during Halloween using your talent and a bit of creativity.  You also have the option of opening an online store so that you can take advantage of the marketplace.  Use social media platforms for advertising your services. Also, take the time to read up on some of the most effective marketing strategies. Remember, you will be competing with several people, and so you need to stand out in your offering.

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