How to choose the best b2b ecommerce solution in Canada – for your needs


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For a lot of business owners, starting a b2b business is the new goal that has overpassed even ecommerce websites. B2B is basically a new sector that has emerged in the online world as a result of a new digital revolution. It gives businesses a great opportunity to sell to other business by using all of the available online platforms. Apart from selling to other companies b2b also allows you to share data and pertinent information about any products or services really quickly and easily. A very important step when it comes to starting a b2b website in Canada is finding the right b2b ecommerce solution. This can be a lengthy process that can be very difficult and overwhelming thanks to all of the choice out there, and because of that we are going to help you out in this article by showing you some of the things that you need to think about before choosing a solution.


The first thing that you need to consider when choosing the right solution for you is the functionality that the platform has as well as the needs that your business has. Having a solution that fits all of the needs that your business has is key because otherwise, it won’t just be a waste of time, but a big waste of money as well. When looking at the functionality you need to consider things like the design of the solution. Here you need to look for a responsive design that makes it easy for your customers to browse and shop on your website. A solution that offers self-service is also a must because this means that your shoppers will be able to solve their problems themselves. Different payment options are also something that you should look for in a solution.

The type of the solution

When it comes to b2b ecommerce solution options in Canada, you get to choose between an on-premise and a cloud-based platform. The cloud-based platform is also known as fully hosted and is hosted by the providers of the solution, while having an on-premise one means that you will be in charge of everything, including finding and maintaining the software. When choosing you need to consider a few factors. One big factor is the maintenance. When it comes to the on-premise solution, all of the responsibilities will fall on you and no one else and you will completely be in charge when it comes to maintenance, while on the other hand, choosing a cloud-based solution means that all of those responsibilities fall on the provider which will leave you a lot of time to deal with other matters in the business. Of course the prices will wary between the two types and that is also a key factor to keep in mind.


Something else that is really important when it comes to b2b ecommerce solutions is that they are able to integrate will all of your existing systems that you may have as a part of your business. This is very important because that will ensure that your ecommerce, aka your online world, will be fully in sync with all of your offline channels and that everything will be working seamlessly. The integration also plays a big part when it comes to you becoming a more efficient multichannel seller and it will allow you to provide a better customer experience overall, which is something that should always be your goal anyway. Make sure that the solution is one that is able to integrate with all of your offline systems before you even consider getting it.

Finding the right b2b ecommerce solution in Canada can be very tough, as we already mentioned, but keeping these few things in mind when looking will definitely help you find the right one. Make sure to consider the functionality that you need, the type of solution that you want and the integration ability, and you will definitely be on the way to finding the perfect solution for your b2b business.

All the above points are really important to start your b2b business in Canada, but if you additionally want to give the best image to your business, in the following article you will find the best guide to find free images for your website.


Photo Guide – How to Find the best free images for websites


When you land on a website, the first thing that you probably notice are the images that are on the page. In turn, when your customers or visitors land on your page, the first thing that they will see is the design of your website so you need to make sure it’s good in order for you to capture the eye of the visitors. Getting good quality images can be very expensive, especially when you’re working with a professional photographer, but thankfully there are now many more options and one of them are free images. Finding good free images for websites can be tough, but when you know what you need to look for, the whole process is much easier. Today we are going to tell you what you need to look for when looking for free images, so make sure to keep on reading.


You need to put effort

The first thing that we want to talk about is that no matter how many tips you have, you need to know that you need to have patience and be prepared to put in a lot of effort. A lot of the time even designers turn to free images when they don’t have enough pointers from customers but the end result still doesn’t look like it. This is because they take their time and do all of the necessary editing and so on. You need to take your time and find the right images that will suit your website’s style and then you need to do the work to make then fit in exactly how you want them to. So effort and work are key when it comes to finding good free images.


Look for uniqueness

Finding free images for websites that are unique may seem like a difficult concept, but it is definitely something that can be done. If you have a business website that is a part of a huge niche, in order for your business to succeed you need to make sure that your business stands out. There are a ton of new images that are free coming out every single day, so all you have to do is track them down. There are websites out there that have new images available on their site every single day, some even offering multiple images a day, and when you know what these websites are it will be much easier for you to be able to find images that have a more unique feeling to them. And of course, you will also be able to edit them to your liking if their license allows it, and that will give you the ability to adapt your pictures to the style of your website and the tone you want to set.


Look for the call-to-action style images

Call to action or actionable images are the kind of images that are the perfect ones for making people take action in terms of products or reading your content and so on. You need to look for free images that will be able to play a very tangible roll on your own website that will have an impact on people and that will do more than just improve the visual aspects of the website. In this aspect you should take example from brands like McDonald’s and Burger Kings because the images of the food that they offer is a perfect example of images that call to action.


Getting just any free image and posting it on your page isn’t good enough which is why you need to focus on getting the perfect images that will suit your website, regardless of whether it is a professional or personal one. We hope that you found this article interesting and that you are going to have success when implementing them while looking for free images for websites.


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