Halloween Costume Ideas for Ladies

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Halloween is fast approaching, and you have no idea about what you will wear. Every costume idea you come up with seems stale. You find that you are running out of time and are starting to despair. If you are in this situation, stop worrying, we have you covered.

· Dress Up As a Voodoo Doll

Dolls are supposed to be sweet right? Well actually no, Halloween brings out the creepy in the usually lovable dolls.  You can transform yourself into a voodoo doll using easily accessible material.  Check out some fantastic makeup tips online on how to turn you into one.

You will have to stock up on black makeup, including eyeshadow and eyeliner.  Also, think about getting outlandish eyelashes for that perfect doll look. Your local Thrift Shop should also give you fantastic outfits that will complete the ensemble.

Have you ever watched the conjuring? Remember Annabelle, that creepy, terrifying doll? Well, turning yourself into Annabelle would be an excellent Halloween idea, right? You need to be good with makeup to achieve that chilling, haunting look. The hair is simple; all you need is braiding skills. For the costume, a simple white shift dress with long sleeves and a red belt will do.

· Alice in Wonderland

The kids will probably hate you for transforming that lovable Alice into a murderous one.  But the best part about Halloween is that you get the opportunity to turn the good into the dark and ominous.  The key to achieving a creepy Alice in Wonderland lies in the makeup.  For less than $20 you will also get a dark Alice costume.  Spice it up a little by having vampire blood; some ketchup will do if you do not have extra money to spend.

· Evil Witch Costume

What is Halloween without the Wicked Witch?  Creating the perfect witch costume is not difficult; all you need is a black dress, long nails, a pointy hat, and the ideal makeup.

· Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil brought the 101 Dalmatians to life. She was a villain who had a fantastic sense of style. You would almost forgive her for being mean, what with her half black, half white hair and the fantastic hand gloves. Oh yes, do not forget the ever-present cigarette permanently in her hands. Bring her style to life this Halloween with the perfect costume.

For the perfect costume, you will need a two-tone wig. You do not even have to buy one if you have a wig. All you will need is some temporary white spray paint to create a two-tone wig.

You will also need a black and white dress and full-length gloves. There is no Cruella without the long cigarette holder; you can buy or create one using things you can easily find in the house. You will also need plenty of makeup; red lipstick, black and white face paint, among others.

But, the most important thing is to have the attitude, yes she was evil, but she had amazing style.

· The Cruel Fairy

Here is another idea that will take the lovable children’s characters and turn it into something dark for Halloween. All you need is a fairy costume, wings, and makeup to transform yourself into a wicked fairy. If the dark side does not appeal to you, you could always dress up as the adorable cute fairy.

· Cheshire Cat Costume

Cats can be downright creepy, depending on which movie you are watching. They can also be this bundle of love and cuteness. So if you have no desire for the dark side, dress up like a Cheshire cat. The whole idea is to paint the widest smile on your face; the right makeup will help you achieve the cute look.

Of course, you need the right clothes to complete the look. So you need the pointy ears; this is easy to achieve, with simple to find items. You will also need a striped shirt, striped leggings, black tulle skirt, a lot of makeup including black eyeliner, lashes, mascara, and eyeshadow, among others.

· Billy the Puppet

Billy the puppet is perfect for Halloween; the costume is creepy and easy to replicate. Being such a popular character, you will not have a problem finding fantastic online tutorials to achieve the perfect makeup look. The key is getting the rosy cheeks and costume just right. Some of the things you will need are black pants and blazer, a white shirt, bow tie and suspenders, and lots of makeup.


You cannot run short of exciting costume ideas for Halloween. Most of the ideas we have shared above are easy to achieve, and you will find most of the items in your home. Brush up on your makeup skills and see your favorite characters come to life.

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