Fantastic, Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is a great time to show and explore your creative side. Coming up with your costume is fun, and will probably save you a ton of money. Now is the time to dress as you wish, and even if you prefer not to buy a costume, you can easily throw one together. You can use what you have in your closet or raid the arts and crafts section at the supermarket.  So here we go some fantastic Halloween costume ideas to consider.

· Star Wars Themed Rey Costume

Do you love Star Wars? Then you will like this easy to create Rey costume. You will need the following materials:-

  • White fabric
  • Light brown saber
  • A brown tunic
  • Slouchy riding boots
  • A brown belt

This fun, easy to create costume requires no effort on your part to put together. In seconds, you will have an inexpensive, fun outfit, themed along your favorite movie character.

· It’s Raining Men

Its raining men is a silly, fun costume that allows you to show who you consider your heartthrob. Here is what you need:-

  • An umbrella
  • Cut-outs of your heartthrob – go crazy on this, the more, the better. It could be movie stars, your neighborhood crush, men you admire, among others
  • String to hang the photos

Hang as many pictures as you possibly can on the umbrella to give the illusion that it is literally raining men.

· Men in Black

The Men in Black costume is a cool idea, especially for couples. All you need is a dark suit, ties, white shirt, and sunglasses.

· Avocado Toast

Do you love bread and avocado? You now have a chance to dress up as the perfect avocado toast during Halloween. Here is what you will need;-

  • Two foam core poster boards – buy this at the local office supply store
  • Knife for cutting the boards. Look for one that will allow for precision cutting
  • Glue – you can use a hot glue gun to make it easy to apply the glue.
  • Dark tan felt to make the crust of the bread
  • One yard of light green felt for the avocado slices
  • Green spray paint in a shade that is lighter than the felt
  • Pillow stuffing to make the avocado slices (you will need to cut the felt into avocado slice shapes, glue the pieces together then put in the stuffing).

You will have a delicious looking costume.

· Grapes Costume

Here is another fun, tasty looking costume. It is an easy one to make; all you need are violet balloons, a green French beret, and string to tie the balloons together. The challenge will be to see how many balloons you will have at the end of the day.

You should carry along extra balloons that you can inflate to replace the balloons that pop.

· Disco Ball Costume

The disco ball costume will definitely get you noticed.  You will need the following supplies;-

  • Holographic bird tape – about one and a half rolls
  • Paper Mache, or water and flour
  • Scissors
  • 36” balloon
  • Scotch tape
  • Silver ribbon or sequin trim
  • Stapler
  • Disco heels
  • Silver top
  • Time – you may want to start on this project a little bit early because it is a bit intensive.

Now get ready to be the belle of the ball, literally.

·  Marilyn Monroe Costume

Marilyn Monroe was a screen icon and a walking fashion statement. Dressing up like her will get you points because you will stand out. Go for bold red lips, short blond wig in her signature cut. And yeah, do not forget the beauty spot on the left chick.

Do you want to add a creepy element to it? Do half the face as a skeleton. Imagine the looks of surprise your costume will generate, from sweet to spooky. Here is what you will need:-

  • A Marilyn Monroe wig and dress
  • Your makeup kit
  • Earrings  and a necklace
  • Black and white face paint

Other than the time you will take to draw the skeleton on one side of your face, putting the ensemble together is pretty quick.

· Mummy Costume

What brings Halloween to life like the creepy stuff? A mummy costume is, therefore, a fantastic costume idea if you hope to scare people.   Creating a mummy costume that home can be a bit difficult so you may want to think about buying a mask. The other option is to use toilet paper, wrap it around yourself, and you are good to go.  You will also find some fantastic tutorials online on how to apply the makeup.


We have shared with you some fantastic costume ideas for Halloween. You can do some of them yourself at a minimal cost. Others may require that you spend some money, but it is worth it.

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