Best Halloween Marketing Strategies

Halloween marketing strategies

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Halloween is around the corner, and everyone is getting into the spirit. Many companies and brands are bringing out fantastic products for everyone. You, therefore, need a way to ensure that your products reach the intended market.  You can only do this by having the right marketing strategies.  Our article below will explore some ideas that will help you move your brand.

1. Focus On Your Branding

You are likely to get a lot more attention by changing your company branding to reflect Halloween.  Take a look at what companies do during the Christmas season, and you will understand what we’re talking about.  When people come to your physical store or online platform, they should get into the Halloween mood.  It will, therefore, require that you change the things, profile photo, cover page among others to include an element of Halloween.  We are in not saying that you let go of your brand identity, so do not overdo it. However, if you are running a promotion, then let your texts and images signify what you are trying to promote.

2. Run Promotions

We will talk about promotions a lot in our article because you are sure to get a lot of interest by offering people extra value for their money.  The promotions could be in the form of coupons, cash backs, discounts, and contests, among others.

Many businesses are running contests because, with the right strategy, you will not put a dent in your marketing budget.  It can be as simple as encouraging people to post Halloween themed photos on their social media pages and tagging your company.  You invite your audience to give you the material while giving away budget-conscious gifts.

You can also request for permission to use the photos on your social media platforms.  Think about fun hashtags, and encourage those who participate to like and share the post.

3. Think About Your Social Media Campaigns

Social Media is a wonderful platform where you can show your products.  You get a lot of flexibility, and best of all, you get to reach a large number of potential customers. You should consider running a Halloween themed marketing campaign.  If you, for example, have an arts and crafts store, you could share how-to tutorials for Halloween decorations and costumes.

If you have a hardware, how about creatively pushing your products? You can, for example, show people, how to use the tools to chase away the zombies.  If you own a bar, think about cocktails that have a Halloween twist to them.  You could even encourage your loyal patrons to come up with exciting recipes.  Put aside an amount for prices to encourage participation.

If you run a grocery, you can share recipes for making Halloween treats.  Include a family element so that the kids can also actively participate in the cooking process.

4. Make Your Products Spooky

The whole concept behind Halloween is to be as spooky as you possibly can.  You, therefore, need to package your product appropriately. Let everything you take into the market clearly highlight the Halloween season, by incorporating the appropriate look and feel.

5. Take Advantage of Special Events

The astute marketer knows that people are looking for Halloween themed events to attend.  You could give them something to do by coming up with exciting ideas for parties, or get-togethers. You can, for example, host a customer event and entice people to attend by giving out offers.

Get your customers to participate by holding competitions like best dressed, most spooky outfits, among others.  Create visibility by putting up posters in public places.  Add some more fun elements to the event by, for example, having free face-painting for the kids.  If you have the budget, you could set up a kid’s area in a mall.  Make the offer more enticing by getting nannies to watch the kids while parents shop. Parents are more likely to buy your products if they feel that you are taking care of them.

6. Become a Source of Inspiration

Many parents struggle with ideas for costumes and where to buy them.  Use social media platforms to establish yourself as the go-to source of inspiration.  Become that authority on all subjects regarding Halloween, including costumes, fun ideas, how to safely trick and treat, among others.  You will be taking care of a need because you have given the parents an easy source of information.

When you get a lot of traffic on your site, the more you position yourself as an authority.  You are also likely to build a very loyal customer base from grateful parents.  Best of all, you get to create awareness of the products you are selling.


You can make a lot of money during the following.  Use our tips above to generate the right kind of interest and watch your sales soar.

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